The Spirited Sistermind

What is the Sistermind?

The Sistermind is a sacred space for women who support and hold space for others. This is a space for you to connect with other women on a path of service, to be supported and increase your capacity to serve. 

Together, we are soulfully creating our personal versions of success, and embracing the power of sacred sisterhood.

We support one another with love and acceptance, rather than with sympathy or platitudes.

Through the Sistermind we co-create a Sisterhood of awakening women living in alignment with our deeper purpose.

Each month I share tools, practices and resources drawn from ancient wisdom to modern techniques to support you in your role of supporting others.

The Sistermind includes monthly:


Sharing Circles

Guest Mentors


A private Facebook group to connect with your Sistermind sisters

In the Sistermind we are co-creating a movement of women who are daring to flourish whilst supporting each others’ journey to soulful success. You will be surrounded by incredibe women who will celebrate you and your success and hold space for you to reflect and grow. 

Love Note: 

"The Sistermind is an incredibly nurturing and supportive space, that guides us to stay true to ourselves as we go through our lives each month. With beautiful self-honoring themes and powerful topics of expert education and conversation, it has been an amazing journey for me so far this year. Guided so skillfully by our lovely intuitive powerhouse, Mitlé, I have been blown away by the beautiful ladies that I get to spend time within circles each month, and in the Sanctuary sharing space on FB.
If you are looking for some loving support and guidance to keep you on track and showing up for yourself in an ongoing capacity - then make sure you don't miss out on joining while the doors are open this time" - Emma Turton - Medical Intuitive